Masters of Mounted art

When I look at these beauties, I feel so small! The creators of these are real Masters of Mounted Art! They’re all sold, I envy the lucky ones that have these in their homes. Ik voel me nederig als ik deze beauties zie! Deze makers zijn de Meesters der Pluchen Trofeeën! Ik benijd de kopers […]

New member in the family!

I don’t want to toot my own horn (o, how I love that saying :-)), but I love this little new member of the Planet Fur family. Her name is Hermione, after my dear aunt who encouraged me to make her. She likes throwing parties, which explains her party hat. I don’t think I can […]

On Etsy: Celapiu

Yes, another article about an Etsy artist. Since I’m a relatively new member in the Etsy community, I can still get very, very excited by all the lovely, beautiful items and terribly talented people that sell their products there. I could name my blog “Going bankrupt on Etsy” or something like that, so I guess […]

My mobile workspace

During winter, I like to work in the livingroom where Molly’s asleep on the window-sill and were it’s nice and warm (we do have central heating upstairs, but I think it’s a total waste to heat another room when you can sit in a room that’s already heated). Only problem is that I keep moving […]

Molly Monday 7

This is a picture of a cat waiting. Sometimes Molly forgets that she hates snow and she NEEDS to go outside. Now. Picture this: the door opens…she looks….whoa…that’s cold! She puts one paw outside…another one….when she’s finally outside, she looks back to check if the door’s still open in case she decides she wants to […]