My mobile workspace

During winter, I like to work in the livingroom where Molly’s asleep on the window-sill and were it’s nice and warm (we do have central heating upstairs, but I think it’s a total waste to heat another room when you can sit in a room that’s already heated). Only problem is that I keep moving […]

Molly Monday 7

This is a picture of a cat waiting. Sometimes Molly forgets that she hates snow and she NEEDS to go outside. Now. Picture this: the door opens…she looks….whoa…that’s cold! She puts one paw outside…another one….when she’s finally outside, she looks back to check if the door’s still open in case she decides she wants to […]

On Etsy: MaryMaryHandmade

Prepare for a cute-overload! Last week I received my latest purchase on Etsy, this HappySloth Necklace by MaryMaryHandmade. I find the idea of a sloth as pendant so original! Take a look at MaryMaryHandmade’s super-cute designs here, and don’t forget to look at her lovely drawings of custom designed pendants. Bliss! Dit is echt té […]

Wild things

I can’t wait for this movie to premier. As a child I found this book always a bit weird, on the other hand I got strangely attracted to it (I think as an adult you sometimes value a childs book more, because you come to understand the meaning of it better). The trailer looks very […]

Special editions

Brand new year, brand new ideas. I finished the first large deer heads made out of old woollen blankets. Since most blankets aren’t too big, there will only be one or two heads with the same pattern available. Check out the shop for the first ones of the series. They measure approximately 12″ x 8″ […]