Danish folk art

Over time, I collected a couple of vintage craftingbooks by Danish designer Lis Paludan. I can’t find very much information about this lady on the internet (so if you can tell me more about her, please do!), but I sure know she’s very talented. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the exact English titles of her books […]

Photoshop, my love

It’s pouring outside. Today it’s just me and my 2nd love, Photoshop. No inspiration at all, so just a collage with one of my latest deer in it. Haven’t quite made up my mind if I like this collage or not. I guess I have to blame the rain for that.

Work in progress

Over at Kitty de Winter’s blog I found a very inspirational picture of an old-fashioned lampshade on an old lampbase. I’m planning to make a similar one for the new house we’re moving to in the future (but haven’t found yet). I used a super-ugly lampshade I found on the internet (this one had a […]

Mustard yellow and moss green

Me and Blogger have a very bumpy marriage, so if you really want to enjoy this selection of lovely artists and products, please click the picture for the actual size! Soft batik Fish by Stiksel Traveling Toys by Krize Nesting birds by Squirrellicious

Ella & Louis

Ella and Louis keep me going when I’m working on stuff for the shop. I listen to them over and over again, their lyrics are so funny and you can hear that they sing with so much joy, exactly the spirit I need when sewing little deer or rhino’s or whatever. Music these days can […]