About a wall panel and an attacking cat

Molly is the sweetest cat on earth. I’m certain I wrote this a thousand times before, but it’s just the one and only truth for me (like it is for every other cat owner). Let me start by explaining why. I’ve been changing the arrangement of the embroideries for my wall panel again and again […]

Changing the Season decorations

It’s so funny how almost everybody, after celebrating the holidays, sighs “The first thing I did was getting rid of all those decorations in our home, out with the tree, in the tidy and space again.” I did exactly the same. At once, mostly right after Christmas, I get fed up with everything holiday-related in […]

It’s what (should) holds things together

Glue…I’m not a big fan of it. Especially not after my lampshade-upholstery-adventure (I’m not even sure that’s an actual English sentence.) I used spray adhesive to upholster a lampshade with the vintage needlework above, but ended up stitching the shade to the frame by hand, because the glue thought it necessary to stop holding things […]