Our Alpine cabin

All of a sudden, I feel strangely attracted to the so called Alpine theme. I ran across this old print in a thriftshop and it already sorta conquered a place next to my bedstand. Don’t it’s colours match perfectly with the Studio Ditte wallpaper? Also, I never feel comfortable with hanging pictures half across wallpaper, but I don’t find that a huge problem with this fellow. Overall, I think this one’s a keeper. :-)

Because I’m so happy with my Alpine themed print, my Love wondered if I already had thought of a name for the stag on the picture. I had to come up with something (quickly!) and so I gave the stag the most goofy name that popped up in my head that same moment: Bert. (If you say “Bert het Hert” in Dutch, it even sounds more silly. And don’t ask why Bert was the first name that came up…I already feel sorry for our future children ;-)). Being the couple that has the most fun about the most silly things, Bert has become a recurring character in our jokes now: “I think Bert will not be happy with this” and “Be quit, Bert is trying to get some sleep”. Aah, the silly joy a 1 € find can bring!

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  1. Pim
    Pim zegt:

    I think “Bert het Hert” likes the attention he gets from this blog. But he must not get too excited, last night I heard him mumbling something about an own Facebook profile…

    Pim, your deer ehhh.. dear.

  2. dottie angel
    dottie angel zegt:

    coming from one who has just called her camera ‘frankly Frank’ i am actually rather taken with the name Bert and indeed his splendid self upon your peachy wall…
    you do find the most loveliest of wall art don’t you :)


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