O, how much I love these retro Scandinavian style posters designed by Jan Skácelik. I bought them as a present for the husbands birthday, aren’t they just fabulous?
(Check out Jan’s blog too!)

I’m not sure about the colour of the curtains in the bedroom, by the way.
I love the colour itself, but I don’t think it matches very well with the scrapwood wallpaper (not on this picture) on the opposite wall. It’s such a bright blue colour, where the wallpaper has a more soft, grey tone. Maybe I should call the combination eclectic to soothe the voice within my head called mr. Doubter and try to settle for it. If they keep annoying me, I can always turn them into a nice Smurf custome.

I gave these old frames a new place above the diningtable (two of them moved from the bedroom to the livingroom). They’re such a wonderful match together with the old little deer print and the birdy etching I found during… (what else?) a thriftsession.

That will be it for today, bye for now!

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  1. dottie angel
    dottie angel zegt:

    oh has that pesky blighty Mr Doubter been to visit, gosh he does get about doesn’t he! you have a wonderful eye for a thrifty find when it comes to pictures. i do not have much luck at all with thrifty picture finds here, alas i look and look but no :(
    i agree, live with the curtains and if in a couple of weeks you are still not sure, then a smurf costume it will be!
    i have just finished sorting out a little wooden granny sideboard i found at the thrift store with some help from my friend ‘modge podge’… yesterday i was busy putting a few pictures up above it and because of my lacking in thrifty ones, i ended up having to print my own on old book pages… actually it looks pretty peachy and so does you wall my dear :)


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