Changing the Season decorations

It’s so funny how almost everybody, after celebrating the holidays, sighs “The first thing I did was getting rid of all those decorations in our home, out with the tree, in the tidy and space again.” I did exactly the same. At once, mostly right after Christmas, I get fed up with everything holiday-related in our home. I often wondered why, because I love this season and Christmas should last longer than two days in my opinion. That brought me to the following theory.

I’m often a bit cranky when I realise those cosy Christmas days are over already. That we have to wait another year (a long, blank year, with Summer heat and who knows what else) before we can cuddle up and celebrate again. So I guess that discontent makes me take it out on the decorations. It’s just like real-life. When you’re not feeling well, you mostly take it out on the ones you love. For you know they’ll forgive you for doing that (well..most of the time ;-)).

But there’s glimmer at the horizon (oh my, I’m getting poetic too!). Tidying up does not mean there’s no room for new colourful, gleeful home decor. So after banning the Christmasornaments to the attic (for which I hope they will forgive me), I started to make a garland for the stripped lampshade in the kitchen.

I used pompoms I bought ages ago at Hema and some big wooden beads and threaded them to a long piece of fishing wire. I added some felted toadstools and some plastic animals for a whimsical touch. To attach the animals to the garland, I wrapped a piece of wire around their bellies and threaded some beads and plastic flowers to those too. The end of the wire can be used to attach them to the garland. It’s easy and fun and it will make you smile everytime you pass by. And isn’t that exactly what we need after leaving the holidays behind us and start on our journey through another new year?

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