About a wall panel and an attacking cat

Molly is the sweetest cat on earth. I’m certain I wrote this a thousand times before, but it’s just the one and only truth for me (like it is for every other cat owner).

Let me start by explaining why.

I’ve been changing the arrangement of the embroideries for my wall panel again and again and finally became satisfied with the result. I attached the top four embroideries with a tacker to a wooden lath and attached the other embroideries to those four, using some strong thread and a big, sharp needle (punctured about every finger on both my hands). If you’d like to make something like this yourself keep in mind that some embroideries need to be tightened at the back with a piece of cardboard and thread, to keep them in the right shape.

During this project, I was sitting on the ground (which became, by the way, very uncomfortable, along with the punctured fingertips ;-)) and where I am, Molly is. She sat next to me, watching what I was doing. Cat’s have a strange need of attacking imaginary enemies though, and all of a sudden she discovered the thing she needed to attack..underneath my project. Have you ever tried to sew something together when a cat keeps jumping upon it?

There’s no other creature on this earth that’s allowed to jump on my embroidered wall panel, bed or kitchensink. But Molly can. She made me laugh so loud, it made my stomach hurt. That’s exactly why we love her so much. She is so darn cute, we could eat her.

Top picture: the finished wall panel… with the stairs that still need some finishing (which is of course the understatement of the century).

I’ll try to shoot some more detailed photo’s of the front and back and write a little tutorial about this one.
What do you do with your thrifted embroideries?

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  1. ♥ Liefgeval ♥
    ♥ Liefgeval ♥ zegt:

    Een kattenboek had ooit een uitspraak ‘katten bemoeien zich graag met alles’, dit is zo waar! Mijn katten zijn ook altijd waar ik ben en bemoeien zich er dan op los, hihi! Ik vind je borduurpaneel prachtig geworden, en die trap die vind ik juist helemaal leuk zo :)!
    Liefs Nikki

  2. inaluxe
    inaluxe zegt:

    ha ha ha ha – totally laughed and nodded in agreement to all of this. Molly is indeed a cutie, and I love your photos Marlous! glad to see you got the embroideries on the panel and onto the wall in the end too. Yeeeeah!


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