It’s what (should) holds things together

Glue…I’m not a big fan of it. Especially not after my lampshade-upholstery-adventure (I’m not even sure that’s an actual English sentence.)
I used spray adhesive to upholster a lampshade with the vintage needlework above, but ended up stitching the shade to the frame by hand, because the glue thought it necessary to stop holding things together after one night. Still, it was a fun project and I actually love the result! If you ever have plans to re-cover a lampshade, take a look at this tutorial. One important thing I disovered (hmm…this sounds like I’m a die-hard lamp-upholsterer, harhar): I used a Skimra lampshade from Ikea to glue (stitch) the landscape on. Problem is that their frames aren’t made of one piece, so you end up with two loose pieces of frame that don’t make your work much easier when adding the shade back to the frame again. It’s just a small thing to bear in mind…to keep you from bursting into tears and tear off your hair…like I almost did…;-D

Coming up next: a much easier Summerproject: painting a wooden apple. Easy as pie.

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  1. Martice
    Martice zegt:

    hahaha :) ik ken het… lijm is ook niet mijn favoriete tool :( ik snap het nog steeds niet.. iedereen beveelt me allemaal lijmen aan die niet werken (als ikhet gebruik)… ikh ou hetm aar bij 1sec. lijm… dat werkt altijd :)


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